imageimageWw will be honored to be part of your special day but here some tips when you hire a florist.


WE LOVE HEARING ABOUT YOUR VISION: The more design ideas we have, the more creatively we can assist you. Color schemes, where you shop, magazine you love, Pinterest pages, pictures, adjectives….you name it…as designers we are all about brainstorming. So go ahead, show us your stufF

THINK OF YOUR BUDGET: Be realistic about your wedding’s overall budget and keep your flowers & design component in mind. It’s not easy to have a concise budget on each entity of your wedding (we totally get it) but having an overall budget in mind allows a florist to choose seasonal flowers and flowers that may be more conscious of your number and guide you in the right direction that leaves you with a fantastic look and less fiscal stress.

HOW PINTERSTING: Most brides are pinning away on Pinterest, we love this! But having a specific board, based on design and flower ideas allows us to see a client’s taste firsthand, and as noted in tips one and two, have an immediate visual to discuss design and price points.

A COLOR SCHEME GOES A LONG WAY: As designers, we understand the sublime of a great color palette. Whether you envision lush & lavish or organic & fresh, adding your color through linens, paper details or overall design look goes a long, long way.
TELL US WHAT YOU DON’T LIKE: Many times a client isn’t sure what flowers or colors they like, but everyone knows what they do not like. Does Ivy drive you crazy? Let us know! The more we know about a client’s taste, the better we can custom create something that leaves you cheering. Dislikes can be just as helpful as likes.
Hands down, having reputable, great vendors makes for a great event. And when a prospective client feels prepared, nothing can be more fun than looking at flowers and creating a custom design all for you.



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